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Fireplace tle ideas - Photos of fireplaces

Pictures of fireplace surrounds, faces and tops

Tile photo gallery > Fireplace tile photo gallery

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Why use ceramic tiles to decorate fireplaces? because ceramic tiles are easy to clean, easy to install, withstand the heat a fireplace can generate, and because of the wide variety of available tile colors and designs. You have the freedom to decorate your fireplace to your taste. You take into consideration the amount of light in the room, the surrounding furniture, the floor tile color in the room, the material the fireplace is made of. You then research and see what others have done. Below are ideas and examples of fireplaces decorated with our tile.


David's fireplace, Ohio

Mr. Blumenfeld's fireplace


Camille's accent fireplace

Camille's Phoenix bird tile fireplace


Blue border tile in fireplace face


Fireplace top tile mural


6 inch accents in fireplace surround