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Nancy's red peacock kitchen tile backsplash

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If you look around the web, you won’t easily find a red color backsplash tile mural with a bird or other design hand painted on it. You will find solid red colored tiles of different geometrical shapes and sizes, including subway tiles, small mosaic squares, hexagonal shaped tiles etc., all set into a kitchen backsplash, producing a solid red color appearance, the solidity interrupted by the lines of the individual tiles set next to each other. A solid red backsplash is fine if you like this sort of look. Why not add some design to the red color? Nancy's kitchen backsplash (shown below) is an example of a red color backsplash with an interesting hand painted design. She chose to use our red peacock tile mural as her kitchen backsplash focal point.

Red tile mural backsplash

Nancy's red backsplash tile with accents

The design of the tile mural consists of two delicate peacocks hand painted on a bright red background, perched on branches stemming from the blue flower pot. It is a serene idyllic design, with the peacocks symbolizing long or eternal life. Nancy was able to find matching color blue relief border tiles from a 3rd party tile vendor, to surround the tile mural with.

Red peacocks mural

Matching blue border surrounding tile mural

The tile mural stands out because of its strong red color and because the field tiles are 6 inch solid white, creating a brilliant contrast. Upon her request, we were also able to make single red accent tiles, continuing with the bird theme, which she used as accents on both sides of the main tile mural, set in between the white field tiles.


Oven top


Nancy’s backsplash is a good example of how to create your own custom painted red color backsplash with matching accent tiles.

Email us if you have any questions or comments about our red peacock tile mural.


Matching red accent tiles

Matching peacock accents