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Ichthus Christian fish - Icthus

Bible passages art > Ichthus

The Greek word "Ichthus" is an acronym and stands for Jesus Christ Son of God Savior. The christian fish was used by early Christians to identify each other secretly, because they were prosecuted for their faith. They drew the Christian fish symbol in their homes, in the dirt when they met each other, showing that they shared the same faith. The Christian fish is also available in a green glaze color. An interesting wall hanging for your home, office, church, or for a gift. The Christian fish is painted on ceramic tile, and has a hanger on the back.


Ichthus Christian fish symbol

Ichthus fish, 3x6 inches, $18


  • Size of each tile is 3x6 inches.
  • Each piece has a hanger on the back
  • Yeshua is a unique Christian gift, collectible and wall hanging
  • Price = $18


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