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Christian tile gift items and Religious art from Jerusalem

Colorful religious art tile bible stories and verses, hand painted in Jerusalem

Welcome to our hand painted Christian tile gift pages - we are proud to present our unique religious tile art and gift items made by family tradition in Jerusalem since 1922. The inspiration for our Christian art comes from the Old and New Testaments, and religious art sources and locations from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of the Holy Land, where Jesus lived and taught, performing miracles and inspiring much religious art. Please browse through our Christian tile gift items and enjoy finding your perfect gift or religious art.

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"May the Lord bless you and keep you"

Biblical Verse and passages

Bible story tiles

Children Bible Stories

Scenes from the life of Jesus

New Testament Scenes

Our studio is located on the Way of the Cross (the Via Dolorosa), near the Sixth Station of the Cross, in Jerusalem's charming Old City, where we make our unique form of Christian tile art and gifts, inspired by the city's religious and sometimes fervent atmosphere. All our religious art and religious gift items are painted on tiles, and all gifts have a hanger on the back to hang on the wall. Framed items also have a hanger.


Personalized Gifts
for Pastors and Friends

Christian tile Framed Art

Four tile gift set, wood framed

Easter Gift


Wedding at Cana, Water into Wine wood framed

Wedding Gift

Psalm 23 in English

Psalm 23 in English

Psalm 23 in Hebrew

23rd Psalm in Hebrew


Priestly blessing in English and Hebrew, wood framed

May the Lord bless you, in English and Hebrew

Why buy unique Christian tile gift items made in Jerusalem ?

Our Christian tiles are based on art which is drawn from and inspired by the New and Old Testaments, and by actual old Christian art work found in and around Jerusalem, the Galilee, and all over the Holy Land:

  • Yeshua - The Yeshua inscription in Aramaic was found on an ossuary in the vicinity of Jerusalem dating from the time of Jesus, a meaningful Christian tile gift.
  • Jerusalem Cross - The Jerusalem Cross was a crusader cross, forever linked with Jerusalem.
  • The Life of Jesus tile art - are reproductions of old designs, some found in churches in Jerusalem, and some are from manuscripts and icons of crusader, Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christian origins.
  • Original Hebrew text verses - Psalm 23 in Hebrew and the May the Lord Bless you in Hebrew are unique Christian tile gift items in the language of the ancients.

These Christian tile art items make unique, special and memorable Christian gifts and Christmas gifts from Jerusalem for yourself, your family and friends. All our gift art is hand painted on tiles in Jerusalem's Old City in our family studio. Every piece is individually painted and given attention to, so that our religious art is differentiated from mass produced gifts and products.

Please email us if you have any questions about our Christian tile gifts.