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Wood framed ceramic tile decorative wall hangings

Ceramic wall art, wood framed wall hangings and wall decor with ancient designs, unique and charming floral patterns are painted in our studio in Jerusalem. The Tree of life, phoenix bird and floral ceramic wood framed wall hangings are perfect wall decor for that empty spot on the wall. Our ceramic wall art tiles are framed in oak wood and have a hanger on the back. Tell A Friend


Tree of Life ceramic tile wall hangings, 13 x 13 inches
Tree of Life
wall hangings
ceramic tiles
T281, $185


Tulip and pomegranate ceramic tile wall art, 13 x 13 inches
Tulip and
ceramic tiles
T282, $135


Peacock ceramic tile wall decr, 13 x 13 inches
Peacock wall decor
wood framed
ceramic tiles
T284, $135


Phoenix bird ceramic tile wall hangings, 13 x 13 inches
Phoenix bird
wall hangings
ceramic tiles
T285 , $185


Blue and white floral ceramic tile wall art, 13 x 13 inches
Blue and white
floral wall art
ceramic tiles
T283, $135


Flowers in circular design wall hanging, 13 x 13 inches
Flowers in circular
design wall art
T289, $135

3 tile peacock vertical wall art ceramic tiles, 6.7 x 18.7 inches
3 tile vertical
Peacock wall art
T286, $95

Tulip and pom 3 tile vertical wall hanging
Tulip and pom.
3 tile vertical
wall hanging
T290, $95


Flowers circular vertical wall hanging, 6.7 x 18.7 inches
Flowers circular
3 tile vertical
wall hanging
T291, $95

Carnation design ceramic tile wall art, 2 tile vertical, 6.7 x 12 .6 inches
2 tile vertical
carnation design
wall art
T287, $70


Tulip and pomegranate two ceramic tiles, 6.7 x 12 .6 inches
2 tile vertical
Tulip and pomegranate
wall decor
T288, $70



  • The tiles are made with traditional colors, glazes, firing methods and processes.
  • All wall hangings have a hook on the back of the wood frame for hanging on the wall.
  • Unique wall decor and wall art for your home, living room, work area, office, or the perfect gift for special occasions.
  • Wherever hung or whatever the gift occasion, our ceramic wall hangings provide charm and elegance, and catch the viewer's attention.
  • Express shipping is available: we ship to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and the rest of Europe, and other parts of the world

Customer Testimonial

From Harriett L. Pease, Glendale, California, Nov. '05

"Hagop Karakashian, or to Whom it may Concern,

The three tiles I ordered arrived today in excellent shape and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for your craftsmanship and the professionalism and speed of processing my order.  I have already hung them in my kitchen.

Sincerely, Harriett L. Pease"

Ceramic tiles fired at a high temperature

The tiles are painted, glazed, and finally fired at 1850° F (1000° C), which means that the colors are permanently sealed in under the glaze and do not fade or wash away ever.

Attractive cobalt blue color

The cobalt blue color of the surrounding border tiles, has been a staple ingredient in ceramic art through the ages. We mix our own cobalt blue color to get the deep attractive dark blue color you see on the above tiles.

The Tree of life ceramic tile wall hangings are very popular. It is made up of four tiles fitted together to make a whole image, and glued in the oak wood frame permanently to make beautiful ready to hang wall art.

The framed ceramic tile wall hangings are available in a variety of designs and sizes as seen above.

The three vertical ceramic tile wall art set is suitable for those who have limited horizontal space on a wall. It can easily fit and hang in a narrow space. The two vertical ceramic tile framed wall art set is also suitable for hanging on walls with limited space.

All our ceramic tile wall hangings are expertly glazed, fired, and finished, in our studio in Jerusalem by family tradition since 1922 (About us) . The colors are sealed in and do not wash away or fade over time. Wall art that stands the test of time.

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