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Jewish quarter tile showing important landmarks

- Western wall, cardo ruins, old synagogue and minaret - Tell A Friend

Jewish gifts > Jewish quarter

This tile shows the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem with its important landmarks - the Western Wall, the Cardo roman ruins, the old synagogue and the minaret.

Jewish quarter of Jerusalem This tile is one of four tiles representing the different quarters of the Old City.


  • Size - 6x6 inches
  • Available with or without a hanger, and also wood framed
  • Price - $22
  • see back of tile with hanger
  • Use for gifts, wall hangings, installing in a wall
  • New Jewish Quarter tile coming soon


Wood framed Jewish quarter

Framed Jewish quarter

  • Size: 6.7 x 6.7 inches
  • Wood framed with a hanger on the back
  • see back of frame
  • Price - $38




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