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Name plates - Hand painted house sign, door name plate, office name plate, house name plate tiles 3x6 inches - Tell A Friend

3x6 Name plate > 4x8 custom name plate > House numbers


Name plate style 1, 3 x 6 inches

Style 1
Armenian flowers
Dark blue, $32


Name plate style 2, 3 x 6 inches

Style 2
Yellow, $32


Name plate style 3, 3 x 6 inches

Style 3
Pink, $32


Name plate style 4, 3 x 6 inches

Style 4
Dark blue, $32


Name plate style 6, 3 x 6 inches

Style 6
Yellow, $32


Name plate style 7, 3 x 6 inches

Style 7
Green, $32


Name plate style 8, 3 x 6 inches

Style 8
Pink, $32


Name plate style 9, 3 x 6 inches

Style 9
Dark Blue, $32


Name plate style 10, 3 x 6 inches

Style 10
Turquoise, $32


Name plate style 11, 3 x 6 inches

Style 11
Yellow, $32





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3x6 inch house sign, door, office, house name plate

For outdoor and indoor use - withstands weathering

We make house signs, custom name plate tiles, house numbers, personalized gift name plaques, office name plate tiles, personalized name plate, door name plate tile, house name plate tile, in a variety of floral styles, sizes and colors, either with two holes for screws or with cork backing and a hanger.

The ceramic name plate tiles are used as house name plates or office name plates placed outside a door, or indoors, with 2 holes for screws for attaching to the door. The name plate tiles can also be hung on a nail, using a cork backing and hanger. You have the choice of ordering the name plate with 2 holes and with cork back and hanger.

Name plate house sign features:

  • Each name plaque is hand painted, glazed, fired and beautifully finished in our studio.
  • The name plate tiles come with a variety of styles and colors. 3x6 inch name plate tiles cost $32 per tile not including shipping. 4 x 8 inch name plate tiles cost $45 not including shipping. The house numbers cost $16.
  • Thickness of tiles: about a quarter inch thick standard wall tiles
  • Made of ceramic tiles, hand painted, hand glazed, and fired at 1850 F, so that the colors don't fade or wash away ever.
  • Available with or without cork backing and hanger, or with 2 holes for screws. To install permanently on a wall, get them without any backing. To hang up on a wall, get them with backing and hanger.

Customer testimonial

"Dear Mr. Karakashian,

We were very pleased to receive the package on Saturday. I finally opened it today and was delighted with every one of the name plate tiles. As always, your work is superb. I'm sure that the recipients will be very happy.

Thank you for being so helpful, for shipping them so quickly and carefully, and for your beautiful work.

Barbara Penzner, MA, USA"

Order your door name plate house sign online today >> for outdoor and indoor use.


How to order your tiles:


  • We can take your order over the phone if you have a credit card. Fill out this form, and we'll be happy to call you, answer your questions and take your order.