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Tile borders for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, patios

Decorative ceramic tile borders, 3x6 and 6x6 inches - Tell A Friend

You're building or renovating a room - maybe a kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, or a fireplace or patio - and you don't want a lot of tiles with busy looking designs cluttering your room, you're just looking to add some color elements to the overall design. So you look for tile borders with unique striking designs, patterns and vibrant colors. You have some choices - either use 3x6 inch tile borders, or larger 6x6 inch decorative tile borders with interlocking continuous designs, adding a horizontal tile design element to your room or outdoor project or fireplace.

6 inch decorative tile borders

Blue and white border tile

Blue and white tile border design

Yellow decorative border tile

Floral yellow tile borders

Colorful individual 6 by 6 inch tile borders are set next to each other in a horizontal line, making a beautiful decorative horizontal tile border design. Each tile is six by six inches. In these examples, 5 tiles are set together in a row.

How do you know how many tile borders you'll need?

Just take a measurement of the horizontal line along your wall. For example, if you have a linear line of 6 feet (72 inches long), you would need 12 of these six inch tiles in a row. These tile borders can also be set vertically - for example, you might have a column that needs decorating.

Blue peacocks decorative tile borders

Cobalt blue ceramic tile borders

Pomegranate tile borders

Pomegranate decorative tile borders

Floral ceramic tile border

Floral interlocking decorative border tile design

Arabesque ceramic tile borders

Blue arabesque tile border design

3 x 6 inch ceramic tile borders

If you don't have much space and you need thinner decorative tile borders, use 3x6 inch tile borders. These ceramic tile borders are designed so that when individual tiles are put next to each other, they form a horizontal continuous design, and they don't take up much vertical space. The cobalt blue tile border has a deep dark blue background, and the design is an intertwining pattern. The Armenian ceramic tile border has oranges and dark blues, greens and browns. The fish tile borders are painted in Yellow and dark blues.


Yellow fish tile borders

Yellow fish border tile , $14


Blue fish tile borders

Cobalt blue fish tile borders


Floral tile borders

T91 Cobalt blue tile border , $14


Corner tile

Corner tile 3x3 inches,


Yellow floral tile borders

T92 floral border tile ,$14


Floral corner tile,
3x3 inches, $8.00

T94 light blue border tile, $14


Light blue corner tile, $8, 3x3 inches

Pictures of tile borders - installations

These pictures of tile borders are posted here to give you an idea of how they are used to decorate kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, or any wall in you house which needs some color.


Blue decorative tile borders in kitchen

Kitchen tile borders
in backsplash

Floral decorative border tiles in kitchen backsplash

Kitchen tile borders
in backsplash

Horizontal tile borders in kitchen backsplash

Kitchen tile borders

Tile borders around mirror

Blue mirror tile borders

Floral border tiles around a mirror

Mirror tile borders

Decorative ceramic border tiles in a bathroom counter top

Bathroom tile borders

Tile borders in a fireplace face, with a central tile mural

Tile borders in fireplace face

Horizontal border strip in a fireplace face

What are the tile borders used for?
Features of ceramic tile borders:
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Ceramic tile borders last a very long time
  • Colors do not fade, but retain their beauty and vibrance over time.

Email us if you have any questions regarding using any of our decorative tile borders.