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Birds and peacocks in vine tree ceramic tile mural

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The vine tree and birds tile mural is painted on 9 six inch tiles. This mural is based on an ancient mosaic design. The design is of a vine tree growing out of a pot. The vine tree represents eternal life. Vine branches, leaves and grape clusters grow out of the pot to form medallions in which birds and peacocks are perched, feeding on its fruit.

Birds and peacocks in vine tree, 18x18 inchesDetails:

  • Hand painted on 9 six inch tiles
  • 18 x 18 inches in size
  • Price = $335
  • Shipping cost to US = $44, Canada=$44, with no other costs.
  • Code = T302
  • Larger view
  • Colors: greens, yellows, blues and browns.
  • Delivery time: 3 to 5 days from date of shipping