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Hand painted tile murals

For decorating kitchen walls, bathrooms, fireplaces, fountains

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Pomegranate tree and peacocks 24 x 18 inches, $489
Completely hand painted

Our tile murals are carefully hand painted in our studio with vivid bright colors of deep cobalt blues, light aqua blues, oranges, greens, browns and reds. Painting tile murals has been our family tradition since 1922. Our selection of original ceramic tile murals are designed by Hagop Karakashian, and include elegant peacocks perched on trees, birds of paradise with long plumes, pomegranate tree with peacocks and red colored pomegranates, the tall majestic palm tree with gazelles, the tree of life, the two gazelles and the birds in vine tree. All our tile murals are intended for use and installation in kitchens, bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, patios, table tops, fountains, indoor or outdoor tiling projects. You can see examples of tile installations in our photo gallery and Facebook page. Please browse and enjoy selecting a ceramic tile mural for your tile installation project.


Birds of paradise

Birds of paradise $335

18 x 18 inches


Yellow peacocks

Yellow peacocks tile mural, $335

18 x 18 inches


Palm tree tile mural art design

Palm tree mural

18 x 30 inches, $549



Larger Birds of paradise

15 tile birds of paradise

$549, 18 x 30 inches


Cobalt blue peacocks

Cobalt blue Peacocks,
18 x 18 inches, $335

Also available on a white background

Peacocks with border tiles, 24x24 inches

Birds wall tile murals covering

Magnificent cobalt blue large
wall covering tile mural, 24 x 30 inches, $739



Peacocks of Paradise

Peacocks of Paradise tile mural, 30 x 18 inches, $549


Red peacocks hand painted on tile

Red peacocks, 36 x 24 inches, $899


Red birds mural

Red birds and tree, $949


Peacock ceramic tile mural in a kitchen cook topIn the photo to the left, the Pomegranate tree and peacocks ceramic tile mural has beautifully transformed the whole kitchen. It has added color, design and shape to the backsplash, and most importantly, it has added the hand painted original look and feel. The size is 30 x 24 inches.

You may not not have this much space in your backsplash. If you have 18 inches between the countertop and cabinets, you can use one of the 18 inch designs, or use single accent tiles, placed in between the field tiles.

Floral patterns and bird designs add a nice decorative colorful touch to a wall or empty space. Peacocks are elegant and attractive creatures with colorful plumage, and Birds of paradise can be identified by their distinctive long plumage. The gazelle is a symbol of grace and beauty, grazing among the foliage (on a cobalt blue background). The vine tree represents eternal life, with male and female birds on either side of the tree, eating it's fruit.


Birds and peacocks in vine tree

Birds in vine tree, $335

18 x 18 inches


Tree of life

9 tile Tree of Life, 18 x 18 inches , $405

9 tile tree with border tiles, 24 x 24 inches, $595


sBirds painted on an orange background

Birds mural tile, $192 - Details

Other colors: Light blue

Gazelle on cobalt blue

Gazelles tile murals, $192

18 x 12 inches


If you need a custom ceramic tile mural, please email us and include the dimensions.

Our designs are hand painted on ceramic tile, hand glazed and fired at a high temperature. The colors are sealed in permanently, giving you colorful original ceramic tile murals which last a lifetime. No digital processes are used - only traditional methods of hand painting, glazing and firing are used to give the tiles an authentic, real look and feel, with strong colors, varying shades, and thin outlines, carefully executed in our studio. These works of art make beautiful decorative kitchen backsplashes, bathroom tile accents, and fireplace face or top insets. The tiles withstand heat and moisture (in kitchens and bathrooms), and weathering outdoors (extreme heat and cold).

Tile murals are made by taking a design and painting it on several tiles, and then putting the tiles together, like pieces of a puzzle, to form a large image. Our tile murals are painted on multiples of 6 inch tiles. They are ready to be installed in walls, kitchens, sink backsplashes. Or if you prefer, you can buy the tiles and then have them mounted in a wood frame, to hang on the wall, as a mobile decorative wall hanging.

Features of our hand painted tile murals:

  • Unique and colorful accents for:
    • kitchen backsplashes
    • Bathroom walls
    • Fireplace tops and faces
    • Table tops
    • Fountain wall backgrounds
    • House entrance wall decor
  • Withstand heat, moisture, and extreme temperatures (outdoor use)
  • hand painted, hand glazed and fired at 1850 F. Colors are permanently sealed in and do not wash away. They last a lifetime.
  • All tiles can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Typical Uses - ready to be installed in backsplashes, bathroom murals, kitchen murals, fireplace tops or faces, decorative accents for spas, restaurants, hotels, wine cellars, exterior walls, table tops.
  • Each tile making up a mural is 6 inches in size, and 3/16th (about a 1/4 inch thick) of an inch thick.

The process of hand painting ceramic tile murals

The process consists of a number of stages. First I design the mural on paper with pencil, and after a few final adjustments, it is ready to be hand transferred onto tiles. I paint directly onto the tiles with a thin brush, using black paint, outlining the whole design on the tiles. I then fill in the colors and after waiting for it to dry, I hand glaze the tiles and then fire them in a kiln. The outcome is a unique hand painted ceramic tile mural ready to be installed in your home. Here are some pictures:




The mural is being hand painted, each tile separately and with great care.








The finished piece when it came out of the kiln.










All tile murals are packed and shipped as loose tiles. Please email us if you have any questions.