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The best wall mural you can use to decorate your wall is one that is unique, colorful, and easy to maintain. Wall murals on tiles are low maintenance, and once installed and grouted - indoors or outdoors - give you a lifetime of beauty and charm. Our exclusive and original wall murals are hand painted, hand glazed and fired at a high temperature, so that the colors are sealed in and never wash or fade away. Find wall murals of different sizes and colors to fit your every decorating need.

Birds of paradise tile murals

15 tile birds of paradise
mural wall - $750

18 x 30 inches



Birds large wall mural

Birds wall mural

24 x 30 inches, $840

Palm tree ceramic wall mural

Palm tree wall mural

18 x 30 inches, $549



Birds tile murals

Birds wall mural - $192

18 x 12 inches

Gazelle tile mural

Gazelle wall mural - $192

18 x 12 inches

Birds and peacocks in vine tree tile mural

Birds in vine tree wall murals

18 x 18 inches , $405

Tree of life tile mural

9 tile Tree of Life mural wall

18 x 18 inches, $405

Birds of paradise tile mural

Birds of paradise wall mural

18 x 18 inches, $405

Blue and white wall mural

Elegant floral tiles which can be
added to make larger size wall murals

Size - 30x18 inches, $376

Wall murals are painted on six inch tiles, and then they are put together, like pieces of a puzzle, to form a large image. Some wall murals are composed of a single design, like the 2 birds, others are made up of modular tiles (repeating patterns) which can be expanded by adding more tiles (see blue and white elegant floral design).

Depending on the size of the space you want to cover with a wall mural, choose either a small single design (birds of paradise), or cover an entire wall (see photo below).

Floral pattern wall muralHere the client chose a floral pattern wall mural to cover the entire wall in between the mirrors.

+ Enlarge view





Features of our wall murals:

  • Unique and beautiful compositions
  • hand painted, hand glazed and fired at 1850 F. Colors are permanently sealed in and do not wash away. Wall murals last a lifetime.
  • NO DIGITAL OR PHOTO IMAGING USED - all tile murals can be installed indoors or outdoors. UV rays do not affect tiles.
  • Wall murals are ready to be installed in backsplashes, bathroom murals, kitchen murals, fireplace murals, decorative murals for spas, restaurants, hotels, wine cellars, exterior walls, table tops.
  • Each tile, making up a wall mural is 6 inches in size, and 3/16th (about a 1/4 inch thick) of an inch thick.

All wall murals are packed and shipped as loose tiles. Email us your questions.