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Peacocks, birds, floral pattern murals for home wall decor

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An interesting and exciting way to decorate the interior walls of a living space is by using wall tile for covering specific areas in a room, such as a kitchen splash back, shower wall, bath tub wall or fireplace top. Many variables are involved in your decision making. You have to choose the color of the wall tile, the design or pattern painted on the wall tile, the process by which the wall tile is made, whether overglaze or undergalze colors are used, and the size of the wall tile itself.

Wall tile using the Pomegranate and peacock wall tile designOf all the types of wall tile available on the market, hand painted wall tile is the most unique and beautiful. A hand painted wall tile has unique character because it is the result of an artist's imagination, and has his personal artistic imprint. Such a wall tile adds much beauty to a wall in a kitchen, bathroom, living room, house entrance or work space.

This splash back uses the Pomegranate and peacock wall tile. See the different options for this wall tile.

A picture which is made up of several wall tile pieces put together is called a wall mural. Wall tile of this type comes in different sizes according to your preference and space requirements. A typical splash back for a kitchen would be 18 inches high by 24 or 30 inches wide. To get an idea of how our wall tile looks, see our selection below including a few pictures of splash backs included on this page.

Colorful wall tile - murals, designs and patterns for wall tile design

Birds wall tile

Birds wall tile

Tree of life wall tile

Tree wall tile

Cypress and birds wall tile

Birds and cypress tree for walls

Palm mural wall tile

Gazelles and palm tree

Two peacocks hand painted on tile for wall tile

Peacocks on cobalt blue background

2 Gazelles on six tiles for wall tile design

Two gazelles

Peacock and pomegranate tree mural for wall tile

Pomegranate and peacock wall tile


Wall tile design in shower wall

Beautiful floral pattern wall tile

In the picture on the left, our client used the Blue and white floral wall tile to cover an area in the shower. Here she used the 18 x 30 inch layout which worked well in her shower.


Blue floral wall tile with border





Colorful painted wall tile in kitchen Here our client used the Blue floral pattern as wall tile accents in her splash back. She used 2 sets of four wall tiles each, measuring 12 x 12 inches.

In your splash back, you may have a larger space, maybe 18x18 inches or larger. You can then use this floral wall tile with a border around it.






Wall tile in shower


Here the client used the 18 x 18 inch wall tile layout as a shower wall tile accent.

As shown in the pictures, you are limited only by your own imagination it terms of how you use wall tile to decorate any room in your home. There are endless possibilities to create a beautiful design for your interior decor using wall tile.

Please email us if you have any questions.