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Colorful Kitchen Backsplash Tile

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There are so many colorful ways to decorate your kitchen backsplash with hand painted ceramic tiles. The tile choices you have are endless, giving you, the home owner, so many exciting design possibilities. The tile selection process can be overwhelming, so my advice is go with the first tile design or idea you like - if you keep jumping from one idea to the other, you'll get confused. Let's take a look at Dale's kitchen backsplash tile below. Dale chose the 9 tile Tree of Life with blue border tiles. A unique hand painted tile design which you don't find everywhere, whose size is 24 x 24 inches. The colors are greens, blues, yellows and browns. There are 4 gazelles grazing and feeding from the tree of life, enjoying it's fruit.

Tree of Life backsplash

Dale's kitchen in Indiana

Dale was able to incorporate this mural in his backsplash because he has about 36 inches of space between the countertop and the cabinet above. If you have less space in your kitchen oven top, say about 18 inches in height or less, we do have a selection of sizes to choose from. The colors blend in well with his cabinet and countertop, as well as creating a contrast. Notice the contrast of the tile mural with the field tiles also. The field tiles used here are 3 x 6 inch white subway tiles. The tile mural is professionally installed and grouted, with the grout lines matching the subway tile color, so that when you look at it, you feel that it is harmonious, a very nice focal point and piece of art. Below is another photo showing more of this beautiful kitchen.


Here is the Tree of Life shown above in Dale's kitchen:

The tree of life tile muralTree of Life with blue border tiles, 24 x 24 inches, available in smaller sizes

  • 9 six inch tiles, 12 borders, 4 corners
  • 24 x 24 inches in size
  • Code = T305B
  • Colors: The design is painted on an off-white background. The tree is green, and there are yellows, blues and browns. The border tiles surrounding the tree are cobalt blue.
  • Price = $595
  • Shipping cost to: US=$68, Canada=$62


Tiled kitchen backsplash using six inch accent tiles

Kitchen backsplash tile using accent insertsThis second type of kitchen backsplash area is where you have less than 18 inches, and there is a window above the sink. Here you can use six inch tile inserts to make a nice appealing design. There is no room for a large tile mural. The accent tiles are small, but on the other hand, the window lets in a lot of natural light. You can use dark colored accents here too, because of the ample natural lighting conditions.


Kitchen backsplash tile accents

Phoenix bird



Birds in vine tree


Kitchen tile placed geometrically in a backsplash

In this picture, the backsplash area above the oven is about 18 inches high. Our client used accent tiles arranged vertically in between the field tiles, to give his kitchen a very unique look. He could have used a larger tile mural here, but preferred a minimalist approach to his design. It is definitely tasteful - not too much and not too little.



Example of a kitchen backsplash tile which is 18 inches high

Photo of floral tile above sink

In the picture above, you have a splash back of about 18 inches to fill with a design of your choice. Our client used a floral tile to complete her project. The blue and white floral tile layout here is 18 x 42 inches in size, and adds a lot of color and beauty to this kitchen. The tiles which make up this tile mural are continuous design repetitive patterns. As you may notice, each 4 central tiles join to make a central rosette in the middle, and this pattern repeats itself. If you have a wider backsplash than this, you can keep adding sets of 4 tiles to make your layout as wide as you need. Email us if you have any questions regarding this.

Colorful murals for your kitchen

peacocks for your kitchen wall

Peacocks of Paradise, 30 x 18 inches, $549

Birds of paradise

Birds of paradise
$405, 18 x 18 inches

Tree of life

Tree of life
$405, 18 x 18 inches

Palm tree design

Palm tree ceramic mural, $549
30 x 18 inches

Birds and cypress

Birds and cypress tree, $750
30 X 18 inches



There are several ways to create you kitchen backsplash:


Phoenix bird

Phoenix bird

The Phoenix bird 4 tile design is painted on a deep blue background (cobalt blue), 12 x 12 inches, T112

Price - $160




Tree of life with cobalt blue border

Tree of life

The tree of life is a unique design for your kitchen, based on a mosaic floor design. It consists of the 4 central tree tiles, and is surrounded by 8 cobalt blue border tiles and 4 corners. The total size is 18 x 18 inches.

Price - $322
Size - 18 x 18 inches


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Features of our kitchen backsplash tile:
  • Hand painted and unique ceramic tile designs with vibrant colors
  • Beautifully painted, glazed, and fired to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment
  • Tiles are ready to be installed permanently in a kitchen wall
  • Tiles are made of ceramic, hand painted, glazed and fired at 1850 ° F (1000 ° C), which means that the colors and glazes are sealed in permanently, and don't fade or wash away.
  • Tiles withstand frequent cleaning using an all purpose tile or kitchen cleaner
  • Thickness of tiles: about a quarter of an inch, standard wall tiles.
  • Guaranteed worldwide delivery or your money back


  • Express shipping available at checkout, with delivery time of 3 to 5 business days guaranteed, to: US, UK, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world.

Our cobalt blue (dark blue) color is one of the most used and most sought after colors because of its deep attractive nature (see background of the Phoenix bird, or the peacock birds). It has been a staple ingredient in ceramics throughout the ages, and gives beauty and depth to any ceramic tile installation.

Customer testimonial:

"The tiles are more vibrant and beautiful than their photos on the internet can portray. They are now up on my wall, the focal point and pride of my newly remodeled bathroom. I would recommend this company and its lovely products to anyone." Susan, NY, USA

The tile dimensions are approximately 6 x 6 inches (15 x15 cm) and cost US $22 per tile. The 3 x 6 inch ceramic kitchen tiles can be used to make a horizontal line along a kitchen wall (price US $14 each). The Tree of life and the Phoenix bird tile murals cost $160. The larger 9 tile murals cost $360.

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