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Bathroom backsplash - tile behind bathroom sink adds color

Use 6 inch bathroom tile and murals for your backsplash above the sink

Color your bathroom walls with these beautiful tile murals and ceramic wall coverings of all sizes. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can add a small touch of color and change your bathroom dramatically. The sink backsplash photo below shows how one six inch tile accent can add a little color to the bathroom. This is just one idea. You can use one of our bathroom tile murals to create a unique bathroom backsplash. If you have a large bathroom, you then have the option of using a large tile mural, either for a backsplash or for any of your bathroom walls. An example of a beautiful large tile mural backsplash would be the Palm tree or the Birds of paradise or even larger Cobalt blue birds mural, which is 24 x 30 inches. See how you can use these tiles in the shower walls .

Tile for your bathroom backsplash

Bathroom backsplash colorful tile - how one tile can make a difference



Ideas for larger tile murals for your bathroom backsplash


Palm tree mural, 18 x 30 inches


Birds of paradise, 18 x 30 inches


Cobalt blue birds wall covering

24 x 30 inches


9 tile birds of paradise, 18 x 18 inches