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Bathroom shower tile design using decorative tiles

Colorful shower tile patterns for building and remodeling showers

Bathroom tile > Bathroom tile design > Bathroom tile murals > bathroom shower tile ideas


Bathroom tile mural installation picture

You have built a new shower or are thinking of remodeling your existing shower, and you need some colorful ideas and shower tile patterns to finalize your shower tile design. You have here a plethora of choices for your shower tile design. Choose your bathroom shower tile designs with floral patterns, trees, blues, yellows, greens, browns, oranges.

The picture on the left shows a shower tile design using Blue and white elegant floral decorative bathroom shower tiles. This shower tile design pattern is modular, meaning that you can add or subtract tiles to fit your shower wall space.



Bathroom tile mural

The Tree of Life tile mural shown to the left is 18 x 18 inches in size. The smaller tree of life tiles on the sides are 6x6 inches. You can also add accents and borders to your bathroom shower wall, and countertop.






Shower tile patterns for your bathroom shower tile design:


Birds shower tile patterns

Birds of paradise
shower tile design



Phoenix bird


Tree with yellow border

Blue and white
shower tile design

Tulip and pomegranate

Floral yellow shower
tile pattern


Larger shower tile patterns for bathroom shower tile design

If you have a large shower or bathroom, you may have enough space
for a unique and beautiful shower tile mural.

Mural for bathroom shower tile design

18 x 24 inches


Bathroom shower tile design pictures and bathroom shower remodeling ideas

See our gallery of pictures of shower tile design decorating ideas, including a wall recess decorative shower tile. If you have a wall recess in your shower wall, you can insert decorative shower tile patterns, to give it a unique look.


Shower tile patterns for wall recess

Six Peacock and bird shower tile patterns in a shower wall recess.


Shower tile design patterns

Blue and white shower tile patterns


Email us if you have any questions about our bathroom shower tile designs