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Bathroom tile design - accents murals and border tiles

Bathroom tile > bathroom tile mural > bathroom backsplash , countertop - Tell A Friend

Bathroom tile design involves choosing unique and colorful tile accents and murals for decorating bathroom walls, bathroom backsplashes, countertops and tub surrounds.

Bathroom tile design with murals

Tile murals are used for making attractive colorful focal points in a bathroom. We use vivid deep colors for our tile murals - deep blues, greens, browns, yellows, light blues. The phoenix bird is painted against a deep cobalt blue background, and is surrounded by border tiles of the same intense blue color. The Tree of Life has greens, blues and browns surrounded by a yellow floral border giving a brighter look to your focal point.


Tree mural, 18 x 18 inches

Tree with yellow border

Phoenix mural 18 x 18 inches

Phoenix bird / blue border

Blue and white floral mural, 18 x 18 inches

Blue and white design


The blue and white bathroom tile design has 2 shades of blue, and is painted against an off-white background. All three murals are 18 x 18 inches each, and are ready to be installed in your bathroom wall. Each mural is made up of 16 loose tiles.

Bathroom tile design using accent tiles - birds / animal designs

Accent tiles give you splashes of color and interest in a bathroom wall. Install them in between field tiles for a colorful bathroom tile design. The designs include phoenix birds (a symbol of rising from the ashes), peacocks (a symbol for long life), the gazelle (a symbol of grace and beauty), fish (fertility and good luck), birds in vine tree (eternal life). Each tile is 6x6 inches and costs $22. See entire selection here.

Peacocks intertwined

Birds in vine

Gazelle, blue

Peacock w/feathers

Carnation floral

Fish and birds

Phoenix bird

Tree of life

Bathroom tile design applied - client photographs

These are clients' bathrooms with our tiles incorporated in them. Some bathrooms were remodeled, others were newly built, using bathroom tile design combinations of accents, borders, art tile and murals.

Accents in wall

Accents bathroom
tile design

Accent in backsplash

Accent in bathroom

Borders in countertop

Accents and borders
in bathroom countertop

Mural in bathroom wall

Mural bathroom
tile design

Tiles in tub surround

Tiles in tub surround


Customer testimonial

"The tiles arrived today, hand delivered to my door. They are
spectacular and we cannot wait to have them installed. Thanks again
for taking the time and care to sign the pieces - that takes it over
the top. I'll send photos some time in July/August after the
Kindest regards from California."

The Glowniak Family, CA, USA

85 years of experience in hand painted tile making

Features of our bathroom tile design:

  • Unique eye catching hand painted tile designs made since 1922
  • Bright and vivid colors, glazed and fired to last a lifetime
  • Tiles are made of ceramic, and painted, glazed and fired in our studio in Jerusalem. They are fired at 1850 ° F (1000 ° C), which means that the colors and glazes are sealed in permanently, and don't fade or wash away.
  • Tiles withstand frequent cleaning using an all purpose tile cleaner
  • Each hand painted tile is 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm), and about a quarter of an inch thick standard wall tile

The bathroom tile designs displayed here are a selection of what we make. If you would like more information about our tiles, or just a price quote including shipping, please contact us.


  • We ship our tiles world wide - US, UK, Germany, Europe, Canada, Australia, and other countries.
  • Express shipping is available at checkout, with a delivery time of 3 to 5 business days from the date of shipping, guaranteed.

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