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Bathroom tile - tile murals and accents

Bathroom tile design > bathroom tile mural > bathroom backsplash > Bathroom shower tile design ideas



Bathroom tile as focal point - bathroom tile murals

Picture of bathroom tile mural

Tree for bathroom tile

Tree of life

Bird for bathroom tile

Phoenix bird

Floral bathroom tile

Blue and white floral

Tile murals for bathroom

Larger tile murals for your bathroom

Peacocks, Cobalt blue gazelles, birds of paradise and other unique hand painted tile murals for your bathroom tile:


The Tree Of Life tile mural

A design such as the Tree of Life can be used as a bathroom tile focal point, as shown in the picture above. Also the phoenix bird and blue and white floral tiles.

The client added a focal point of interest above the tub. The colors - greens, blues, browns, oranges - added warmth to his bathroom wall. He also added accent tiles of the same design, to give it balance.

The bathroom tile itself is a tile mural, 18 x 18 inches. The central design is the Tree of life, and it is surrounded by a blue border. More details and prices here:


Counter top Bathroom tile

Tiles in countertop

Add colorful border bathroom tiles on the countertop, and accents of the same color, as seen in the picture on the left.


Bathroom tile borders

Here the client used the Armenian floral border tile design and corner tiles to make a colorful border around the sink. The accents on the countertop used for balance here are the T1or Armenian flowers tile. The border tiles are 3x6 inches and the corner tiles are 3x3 inches, the accent tiles are 6x6 inches.


Bathroom tile for backsplash

Tile for bathroom backsplash

The sink backsplash is a prime target for colorful bathroom tile design.

Here, 1 ceramic tile makes all the difference. But if you have a space for a larger backsplash, try the 2 peacocks mural , or larger tile murals.

Click photo to enlarge and see more details. The tile used here is the 6 inch T25 Tree of life tile without the animals, 6x6 inches, found here.


Give your tub surround a warm look - use border tiles

Border tiles in a tub surroundThe Armenian floral border bathroom tile has been added to the tub in a horizontal row just under the bull nose field tiles.

Click photo to see more details of this bathroom tile design.



As you can see, colorful bathroom tiles can save your bathroom from looking plain and ordinary. Choose your tiles today and make a difference!

For larger bathroom tile murals, see our tile mural selection