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Glazed tile hand painted with unique colors and designs

Decorate your home with beautiful glazed tile

Use decorative glazed tile designs, vivid and attractive color tile, and durable ceramic wall tile to create unique and lasting wall murals for home decor, and architectural and interior design uses. Install glazed tile to any wall

Birds of Paradise glazed colorful tile

Birds of Paradise hand glazed tile

Peacock and pomegranates glazed ceramic tile

Peacock and pomegranate glazed tile design

Ceramic wall tile layout, 18 x 18 inches

Blue and white floral
ceramic glazed tile.

Phoenix bird for wall murals

Phoenix bird design ceramic glazed tile
T112, $160

Tulip and pomegranate floral wall tile

Tulip and pomegranate ceramic glazed tile

in your house - kitchen, bathroom, fireplace mural, garden patio, indoor and outdoor ceramic wall tiles, architectural accents, interior design accents.

What are the advantages of using glazed ceramic wall tile?

Armenian floral wall color tile

Armenian floral
ceramic wall tile

Peacock floral wall tile

Peacock ceramic
wall tile

  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Glazed tiles last a lifetime
  • Colors don't wash away
  • Add beauty and color for a reasonable price
  • A large variety of beautiful color tile and designs are available, delivered right to your door

Decorative wall tile for wall muralsTL13, peacock color tiles and borders - 15 loose tiles

  • Size = 24 x 12 inches
  • 3 peacock tiles, 8 border tiles, 4 corners
  • Price = $210
  • Available for immediate delivery

Designed, painted and glazed by 84 years of experience

Picture of Glazed ceramic tile in a kitchen back splash

Glazed and hand painted peacocks and pomegranate tree installed in a kitchen back splashOur ceramic glazed tiles can be used for internal and external wall installations. They are glazed and fired at 1850 Fahrenheit, so that the colors are sealed in under the glaze and never wash away. We use traditional methods, processes and kiln firing to produce a beautiful selection of glazed color tile designs, ready to be installed in any wall of your home, office, outside of a building, for interior design and architectural purposes.

Here you will find a variety of glazed color wall tile designs and ideas for ceramic wall tile installations, to help you decide and choose which tiles are right for you. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please email us .

3 x 6 inch border ceramic wall tile designs

To accent your wall with a splash of color and design, and break the monotony of the field tiles, use these border wall tiles to make a horizontal line across any wall.

Floral border wall tile, 3 x 6 inches

T92 floral border
ceramic wall tile, $14


Border wall tile, 3x6 inches

T91 border
ceramic wall tile,
3x6 inches, $14

For larger murals, see our wall mural selection
Features of our ceramic wall tile:
  • Unique hand painted designs and vivid colors, made by 85 years of experience
  • Our tiles are glazed and fired at 1850 Fahrenheit, the colors are sealed in and never wash away.
  • Some designs have a repeating pattern which allow you to make a tile layout of any size, by adding more tiles of the same pattern
  • Delivery guaranteed worldwide, or your money back.

Order your glazed tiles online today. Please email us if you have any questions or need assistance ordering.