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Unique hand painted fireplace tile murals

Fireplace tile > Fireplace tile design > Fireplace tile murals

If you want a unique look to your fireplace, consider installing a hand painted fireplace tile mural on the face of the fireplace or on the top, as seen in the images below. Unique birds, peacocks and trees of life bring hand painted charm to your fireplace.

Fireplace tile mural

Birds of paradise tile mural, 18 x 18 inches , $405

Fireplace tile mural installed on top of a fireplace

Phoenix bird tile mural with cobalt blue border tiles

Tree of life fireplace tile mural , $322

Why use ceramic tile for your fireplace tile mural?

Besides aesthetic reasons - beauty, color, unique design - ceramic tile is easy to maintain, easy to clean, withstands the heat, colors never fade or wash away, and lasts a very long time. Ceramic tile fireplace is available in different designs and colors.

To buy a unique tile mural for your fireplace, go to the product pages and add the tiles to your shopping basket:

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Features of fireplace tile murals:

  • Made of ceramic tiles
  • Tile murals withstand heat, moisture, and extreme temperatures
  • hand painted, hand glazed and fired at 1850 F. Colors are permanently sealed in and do not wash away. Tile murals last a lifetime.
  • Each tile, making up a mural is 6 inches in size, and 3/16th (about a 1/4 inch thick) of an inch thick.