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T74 floral ceramic fireplace tile design layout with border tile and corners

Fireplace tile design > T74 floral ceramic fireplace tile design

The layout below has twelve 6x6 inch T74 floral tiles surrounding the fireplace face, fourteen 3x6 inch border tiles on the outside, and two 3x3 inch corner tiles. The width of the entire layout is 42 inches and the height is 30 inches, and can be modified by adding or removing tiles according to your needs.

To purchase the T74 floral tile, send us an email.

If you are unsure about buying all the tiles you need, we suggest buying 2 or 3 sample tiles so you can see for yourself the quality of the tiles.

The layout shown bleow is without the border tiles

Email us if you have any questions.


    • Made of ceramic tiles
    • Fired at 1850 degrees fahrenheit
    • Tiles withstand heat
    • Colors are sealed in and do not fade or wash away