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Kitchen tile design - create your masterpiece

Use tiles to accent your kitchen, add color, unique design, and hand painted charm to your kitchen tile design

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Kitchen tile design with the Tree of life and floral borderKitchen tile design

Is you kitchen tile bland, uninteresting and pale? what kitchen tile design do you use to break out of the monotony? A few pointers:

  • Use color
  • use shape
  • use unique design tiles
  • add splashes of color and design.
  • Use kitchen tile murals for your stove top backsplash, to add hand painted charm, design and color.

The above photo shows how one client installed the Tree of Life tile mural with an orange floral border tile in her backsplash. This kitchen tile design contrasts well with surrounding cabinets, field tiles, oven and microwave above. It adds color, unique design, charm and saves the kitchen from looking dull. Click on the image to view more details of this kitchen tile design and photo.


Tile your entire backsplash with this kitchen tile design

This is also an option for a unique kitchen tile design, though more expensive than the above. You can tile the entire backsplash with our colorful floral tiles, as in the example below:

Here the client had 18 inches of space between the countertop and cabinets. He used three rows of our tiles (each tile is 6x6 inches), to tile the entire backsplash, adding blues, light blues, greens, browns and oranges to his kitchen. The tile design is modular.


Less expensive kitchen tile design

A less expensive option is adding single tiles in between other tiles in the backsplash, as in the example below.

Here the client used single tile designs in between his field tiles in the backsplash. He used the T1 Armenian floral tile and the Circular fish design to accentuate his kitchen backsplash - a very effective kitchen tile design.

Choose your Kitchen tile design here:

Tree of life kitchen tile design

Tree of life tile mural with yellow floral border





Blue and white floral kitchen tile design

Blue and white elegant floral design





Tulip and pomegranate for kitchen tile design

Tulip and pomegranate kitchen tile design

Accent tiles for kitchen tile design - 6x6 inch tiles


Carnation floarl pattern

T9 Carnation


T5 peacock

Armenian floral design

T1or Armenian flowers

2 peacocks

T27 Two peacocks

More kitchen tile design options:

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