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Patio tile - ceramic designs and ideas for your outdoor patio

Beautiful ceramic tile murals for patio design

You have a garden patio, or you just built a small patio, and after finishing the tiling and grouting and cleaning up, you realize that there is something missing - the colors of the patio tiles are too plain, boring, not warm enough - the entire patio design lacks some color. You decide to do something about it. You have an idea of getting some colorful hand painted patio ceramic tiles to liven up the design of your patio.

Colorful patio tile murals

Two patio tile murals breaking the monotony

You look around and find some beautiful patio tile designs and ideas - ceramic patio tile design murals - with bright colors and interesting designs, perfect for filing in the boring spots.


Birds and tree for patio tile idea

Cypress and birds of paradise
patio tile idea

Tree of life for outdoor patio tile design

The Tree of life
ceramic patio tile design

Idea :Add a border tile to make a larger
patio tile design

The two ceramic tile murals used in the above patio tile picture are the Cypress tree and birds and The Tree of life. These patio tile murals are installed in between the regular patio tiles, adding a lot of color and design to the otherwise mundane look of the surrounding patio tile. If you need to add color to your patio tile, choose a colorful hand painted ceramic patio tile design. There are other colors, designs and sizes for you to choose from. Any of these ceramic patio tiles can be custom painted with rust browns, cobalt blues, yellows, turquoise, and greens to accommodate your patio design ideas and color scheme.


Garden scene for garden patio tile

Birds of paradise garden scene
for patio tile idea

Peacocks for outdoor patio tile design

See more patio tile design murals

Palm tree patio tile mural

Palm tree ceramic patio tile design


Another idea you get is integrating single patio tile designs in between your other patio tiles. You can place these single tiles geometrically, or horizontally. These single patio tiles have designs of colorful birds, peacocks, flowers, deer, fish, floral repeating patterns, and also horizontal border tile designs which make a horizontal repeating pattern.

The single patio tile designs of flowers and animal patterns can be seen here.

Single patio tile design idea

6 inch patio tile accents


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