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Our bowls are individually hand painted and signed on the bottom. We use strong vivid colors such as cobalt blues, oranges and reds. The bowls are about 11 inches in diameter, and are 1.9 inches high from the table.

How is Armenian pottery painted? read and watch video about the process.

Cobalt blue bowl


Orange/yellow floral pattern


Red peacocks bowl

Cobalt blue floral pattern


Orange/yellow bowl, flowers and tulips


Side view of bowls

Bowls are painted on the outside also. Height from table is 1.9 inches.


  • Hand painted and unique ceramic bowls with vibrant colors
  • Beautifully painted, glazed, and fired
  • Diameter of bowls = 11 inches
  • Height from table = 1.9 inches
  • Price per bowl = $135, red bowl $160
  • These bowls are for serving only - you cannot cook in them or put them in the microwave

Video showing the 1st stage of painting a bowl,
using a hand made brush and black paint