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The traditional process of hand painting Armenian pottery

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The process of painting and decorating

The art of painting Armenian pottery has been in our family since 1919, when my grandfather established an Armenian pottery studio in Jerusalem, with his partner. He used the same processes to make pottery which were used in his hometown of Kutahya in Turkey. We still use the same processes today.

First, the design is drawn or painted with a hand made brush, using black paint as seen in the vase image to the left. After the black outline of the design is done, the colors are filled in, as seen in the image below.







After the design is painted on with black, the colors are filled in by hand, using a brush. The oval dish being painted in the picture looks grey. After it is fired, the color will turn to light blue.

After all the painting is done, the pieces are hand dipped in a clear galze, and then fired in a kiln.

The video below shows a bowl being hand painted with black using a thin pointed brush.