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Stair riser tile - decorative painted riser tiles design & idea

Accents and modular designs for your stair risers tiles

You just finished building stairs in your house or in your garden and you need some decorative six inch stair riser tiles, painted with bright colors and interesting unique designs. There are a few ways you could tile your stair risers:

Decorative stair riser tiles design

1- Tile your stair risers alternately. One stair riser can have your chosen decorative painted tile, and the next riser can be tiled with a field tile, with your choice of color. In the photo on the left, the decorative riser tiles are modular continuous design tiles. The field riser tiles were chosen to complement the color of the decorative painted design riser tile.

This tile riser project is in the interior of a house. The same idea can be applied to an outside garden or patio riser tile project.

2 - Tile every stair riser with colorful painted tile, without using field tiles. Here you can be creative and decide to use a different painted design on every riser. Another option is to use single design accent riser tiles. Single accent decorative riser tiles are single designs which you can insert in stair risers in between field tiles.


Stair riser tile designs - 6 inch decorative painted stair risers tile

If you like blue and white floral patterns, then our blue and white stair riser tile design is for you. The blue and white floral design is a continuous design pattern, and can give a very elegant look to your stair riser design. You need to take measurements to find out how many tiles you need on each stair riser. In the example layouts below, 5 tiles are arranged in a row, for a total width of 30 inches. You can add or remove tiles to fit your stair riser space. The height is six inches. The tiles can also be cut to fit your needs.


Elegant blue and white floral stair risers tile

5 stair riser tiles in a row

Blue and white stair riser tile
Single tile


Blue peacock decorative stair risers tile



Blue peacock decorative riser tile

Yellow floral painted riser tile



Yellow floral riser tiles design

Dark blue arabesque design risers tile



Blue arabesque riser tile design

Tulip and pomegranate decorative stair riser tile



Tulip and pomegranate painted risers tile

T1 symmetrical blue floral pattern riser tiles


Blue symmetrical floral riser tile

For single accent decorative tile risers see this page

Accent stair riser tile designs

Features of our stair risers tile

  • Made of ceramic tile, 6 x 6 inches in size
  • Hand painted unique designs with bright colors
  • Add a unique touch to your riser decor and home

Email us questions on our decorative painted stair riser tiles and designs