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Horizontal tile border - blue and white floral, 6x6 inches

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Kitchen tile murals > Tile borders > Blue and white border tiles, 6x6 inches

If you like blue and white, then this floral tile border is the perfect decorative design for you. The modular design (continuous expandable design) of this tile border allows you to add more tiles, continuing the design for as long as you need. To make your design thicker and fuller, add border tiles on the top and bottom, as shown below. The design becomes more impressive. The height is 12 inches. To use this wider tile border design, make sure you have the space for it. Take measurements of the wall in question and make sure you have a 12 inch height to accommodate the border design.


Blue and white border tile

Blue and white tile border design. Each border tile is 6x6 inches.


Blue and white tile border design - 6 inch tiles in the middle, 3x6 inch borders on the top and bottom. 3x6 inch top and bottom tiles available here.


Other available border tiles:


Features of ceramic tile borders:

  • Made of ceramic tile
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Wall tile borders will retain their color and beauty for a very long time
  • Unique and beautiful designs

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